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In Swahili, Limau means Lemon. The name is derived from the famous saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” At Limau, when life gives you cancer, you make a pink lemonade.

Limau Cancer Connection is a 501c(3) non-profit organization registered in San Francisco, CA, USA with a chapter in Nairobi, Kenya dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness and increasing access to preventive testing and screening in Kenya. As a grassroots non-profit organization, Limau advocates for and supports networks of breast cancer warriors, who are underserved and live in marginalized communities in Kenya.

Limau was started in memory of the founder, Nancy's mother, who succumbed to breast cancer in June of 2017. She realized that during her mother's journey that she wasn't prepared and could offer little help. She embarked on a quest to equip herself with information and connections that could help her mother during this difficult time. Nancy recounts that it was a trying period for her and her mom and that she would find herself going to great lengths to fight for her mother who faced a lot of descrimination after her surgery.

When Nancy approached us, she acknowledged that she had a story worth telling but she didn't know how to. She had made waves by being featured in documentaries and global media like the BBC but she didn't know how to leverage it to be more effective in her non-profit. She was still funding all her operations and needed help from people who would connect with her story and those of the hundreds of women that she continually supports.

After an in-depth discovery session, we got to really understand how powerful her story was and helped her harmonize her story throughout her identity, website, products and services.

Community. Empowerment. Transparency. Optimism.

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