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are you ready to Grow your Worth?

At Growworth® we partner with founders and leaders of purpose-led businesses to refine their brand, message, appearance, experience, and performance so that they can turn their brand name into their only pitch.

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Bramuel Mwalo

Growworth is an extremely talented team that goes far and beyond just doing the job. The team will make sure they deliver and you will achieve your brand goal. It was an enlightening experience

Founder & CEO - Xetova

Steven Enamakel

Growworth is a fantastic firm.  Joe and the team go the extra mile to get things done. They've really helped us discover our brand and there were no delays in their work.

Creator - MahaDAO


Working with Growworth was mind-blowing. The team experienced a paradigm shift in how we view the value of a brand. Digging deeper into the creation of a brand and aligning it to our aspirations and founding roots was not only exciting but a journey of self-discovery and awareness as a firm. You left an indelible mark on the firm and we can only hope that we get to engage more in the future. Thank you for this invaluable transformation.

Managing Partner - MMW Advocates LLP

Your brand is amazing. the challenge lies in showcasing it to the world.

In Approx 5 weeks, we'll help you and your entire team walk in clarity, alignment and confidence so you can create influence that others can only dream about. Your clients will not stop raving about you and how cohesive everything feels for them when they interact with your brand. Here's a sneak peak at our process.

1. Clarify & Put in words

Growworth Process: Clarify & Put in words

3. Harmonize

Growworth Process: Harmonize

4. Amplify

Growworth Process: Amplify

Led by a trusted brand specialist

Born in Kenya and now living in the USA, Joe embodies his enthusiastic Kenyan roots in everything he does. He has been working with founders and entrepreneurs for over 9 years in branding and marketing. He is responsible for having helped over 100 entrepreneurs with businesses across Africa, Asia and the USA understand how to position themselves as brands worth paying attention to through coaching calls and programs. He’s a driven entrepreneur, strategist, educator and the founder of Growworth Consulting LLC.

Joe Mutuku
Growworth Consulting Design RushGrowworth Consulting Design Rush
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We tell your story throughout your most inviting assets like your brand identity, website, social media, content etc. so you can achieve your brand goals.


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We are committed to helping you build a brand that leaves a lasting impact.

At Growworth Consulting, we understand that purpose-driven organizations require a unique approach – one that aligns values, ignites passion, and inspires action. From crafting compelling brand narratives to designing captivating visual identities, we specialize in creating authentic connections between your business and your audience. With our expertise in brand strategy, storytelling, and experiential design, we empower purpose-led businesses to stand out, make a difference, and thrive in an ever-evolving world. Together, let's shape the future and leave a legacy that resonates with hearts and minds globally. Choose Growworth Consulting, where we introduce you to your true identity and then show the world how amazing you are.

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