A New Story for Adrian

Adrian approached us to help them in positioning them from a local brand into a regional leader. They needed to take control of their story and cement themselves as the leaders that they are in the ICT, energy, Oil & gas industry.

Through an in-depth audit of their existing brand perception, we were able evaluate how the brand was perceived in the marketplace. Using this information, we noticed gaps they we needed to fill so that they could tell a truly authentic story and connect with their vision and purpose.

The Process:

Through an in-depth audit we were able to articulate the Adrian Brand, unearth its purpose, promise and story. These created a framework that would allow us to align all their touch-points i.e communication, policies, brand architecture etc.

The Challenge:

In the process of aligning, we realized Adrian’s old logo did not fit with the new story of the brand so we embarked on a journey to refresh it by analyzing its composition and deriving meaning that would be implemented in a fresh visual identity.


New Story: A Gateway for Africa

Scope: Brand Repositioning - Brand Story - Brand Architecture - Brand Identity - Brand Culture workshops - Launch Strategy

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