Lowering your prices will kill your brand. Do this instead

In today's competitive market, many businesses consider lowering prices as a quick fix to attract more customers and increase sales. However, this approach often undermines the long-term value of a brand. The true worth of a product or service lies not only in its features or benefits but also in the perception and experience it creates for the buyer. In this article, we will explore why lowering prices can harm your brand and provide an alternative strategy for building brand value and attracting the right audience.

Joe Mutuku
Joe Mutuku

June 18, 2023

1. Perception is Everything

One of the fundamental principles of branding is understanding the power of perception. The inherent value of anything is not in the thing. It’s in the perception of the buyer. 

Consumers perceive value based on various factors such as quality, exclusivity, reputation, and the overall experience associated with a brand. By solely focusing on lowering prices, you risk compromising these critical elements that shape consumers' perception of your brand.

.Apple Inc., renowned for its premium products, has successfully built a strong brand image that resonates with its target audience. Despite the availability of more affordable alternatives, Apple products maintain a premium pricing strategy. The perceived value of Apple's products lies in their design, innovation, and seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem. This has created a loyal customer base willing to pay a premium for the Apple experience, reinforcing the notion that pricing alone does not determine a brand's success.

2. Make yourself findable to an audience that will want to pay your price

Rather than lowering prices, it is essential to identify and connect with the right audience who appreciate the value your brand offers. This involves understanding the unique characteristics and preferences of your target market and positioning your brand accordingly. By immersing your brand in an environment, culture, and lifestyle that aligns with your ideal customers, you increase the chances of attracting those who are willing to pay your price.

Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, demonstrates the importance of finding the right audience. While the automotive industry is highly competitive, Tesla has successfully positioned itself as a luxury and environmentally conscious brand. By catering to a niche market interested in cutting-edge technology and sustainable transportation, Tesla has been able to maintain premium pricing and cultivate a loyal customer base. Their branding efforts emphasize the value of their products beyond just the price, attracting customers who align with their brand ethos.

3. Creating a Fitting Environment

To attract customers who are willing to pay a higher price, it is crucial to create an environment that reflects the exclusivity and value associated with your brand. This encompasses various touchpoints, including marketing materials, physical locations, online presence, and customer experiences. Consistency across these touchpoints ensures that customers perceive your brand as unique, desirable, and worth the investment.

Starbucks, the renowned coffeehouse chain, has mastered the art of creating a fitting environment for its target audience. From its distinctive store designs to the carefully curated ambiance, Starbucks has transformed the act of drinking coffee into a premium experience. By positioning itself as a haven for coffee enthusiasts, Starbucks has successfully justified its premium pricing, offering an environment where customers are willing to pay more for the overall experience rather than just the beverage itself.

Lowering prices may seem like a quick solution to increase sales, but it often erodes the long-term value of your brand. Instead, focusing on perception, finding the right audience, and creating a fitting environment are key strategies for building brand value. By understanding the unique qualities that make your brand desirable, you can attract customers who appreciate the worth of your offerings and are willing to pay your price. Remember, it is not just about the product or service itself but also the intangible aspects that create a compelling brand experience.

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Joe Mutuku
Joe Mutuku

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