Hiring mistakes that you should avoid as a brand

As entrepreneurs embarking on our brand strategy agency journey, my partner and I made our fair share of hiring mistakes that proved to be costly in terms of money, growth, and overall efficiency. Reflecting on our experiences, there was one crucial mistake that stands out—a mistake that you, as a brand, should avoid at all costs.
Joe Mutuku

Don't use price and skill to dictate the best hire

Our mistake was relying solely on price and skill as the determining factors for hiring the best candidates. We fell into the trap of believing that the most talented individuals who didn't break the bank would automatically be the ideal fit for our team. However, we quickly discovered that those we hired solely based on this criteria didn't last long with us.

Recognizing the need for a different approach, we decided to shift gears and focused solely on skill, disregarding the cost associated with hiring top talent. We were ready to invest in the most skilled individuals, assuming that their abilities would bring success to our agency. To our dismay, this strategy also failed us. The highly skilled individuals we brought on board didn't stick around either. It was a puzzling realization that forced us to reassess our hiring practices.

And then, it hit us. We were making a fundamental error by prioritizing skill and attempting to teach character and values after the fact. We had been bringing in team members who didn't align with our intentional, minimalist, and unorthodox values, hoping to mold them into our vision. It became apparent that skills can be taught to anyone with a willingness to learn, but character and values are far more challenging to change.

Armed with this insight, we resolved to change our approach. The next time we embarked on the hiring process, we made a conscious effort to prioritize values in our decision-making. We started by engaging in open discussions about our core values with potential candidates, making it a focal point of our conversations. Only once we found alignment in values did we proceed to evaluate skills and qualifications. This shift in mindset made all the difference.

By placing values at the forefront, we were able to build a team that not only possessed the necessary skills but also shared our brand's ethos and embraced our unique approach. The results were astounding. Our team members not only thrived professionally but also formed a tight-knit community that propelled our agency forward.

As you navigate the hiring process for your own brand, remember this important lesson. Prioritize values before skills. Begin conversations by delving into the core values that define your brand and its culture. Look for candidates who resonate with these values and demonstrate a natural alignment. Only then should you assess skills and qualifications.

Building a team that shares your brand's values will create a cohesive and harmonious work environment. It will foster a sense of purpose and belonging among your employees, resulting in increased productivity and engagement. Moreover, hiring based on values will attract individuals who genuinely care about the success and mission of your brand, thus increasing the likelihood of long-term commitment and loyalty.

In conclusion, don't fall into the same hiring trap we did. Place values at the heart of your hiring process. Skills can be taught, but shared values are the foundation for building a strong and united team. By prioritizing values and seeking alignment in potential hires, you'll create a workforce that not only excels professionally but also contributes to the overall success and growth of your brand.

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